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Stay connected to your customer base.

M. Wrenfield

May 2, 2023

As a business owner, you know how important it is to stay connected to your customers. This is exactly what email marketing does.

If your a marketer, you already know how indispensable email marketing and an auto responder are. 


If you don't know, email marketing is pretty much just what it sounds like. Marketing your products and services through email, to a list of customers. or potential customers. It keeps them up to date on what's going on with your business, and also keeps you in their mind. 

There are two main approaches to email marketing. One is to send out a newsletter. Letting your customers keep up with the current state of your business. Another approach is the "campaign." One of the most effective ways of email marketing, is to launch an "email marketing campaign."

An email marketing campaign is, a series of emails, dedicated to a specific service or product, or it can be designed for any other objective you desire. The important thing to remember about an email campaign is to keep all the emails on the desired topic. 

The easiest way to launch an email marketing campaign is to use a funnel and an auto responder. Funnels can be designed in many ways. One constant though is, they are typically designed to capture an email. Giving you a list of customers that you can include in your newsletter or your email campaign. An auto responder is a software that will send out specific emails when a pre determined action is triggered. 

Most auto responders software

 allows you to build a funnel for this specific purpose. 

Let's take a look at a short email campaign. We'll keep it pretty basic. But you can make your campaign as in depth as you desire. We'll pre write our emails, and then set them up in our auto responder to be sent at different times. 

Our first email will be a "welcome" email. Our second email will be specifically related to the reason they gave you their email. Maybe they signed up for an educational course, or they signed up to get more product information. Our third email is going to be a reminder with new information about the product or service that they originally signed up for. We can also add a fourth email as a "thank you" after they have purchased the goods or services.

So, let's walk through the process. 

 Alright, we've written all four of our emails. We know what order we want them sent out in. Now we just need to load them into our auto responder.

Our "welcome" email will be sent out as soon as they sign up for our service. Our second email can go out at whatever time you choose. After the welcome email. Lets say, the next day. Then, three days later, our third email will be sent. If they make a purchase at any time, our thank you email will be triggered, and no more emails from that specific campaign will be sent.


The process is less intimidating than it may seem in the beginning. If you are new to email campaigns and auto responders, don't worry. There's always a delete button. You can create and erase, until you find exactly what you're looking for. Below is the respnder we use, and recommend.

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