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A business email is critical for professionalism

M. Wrenfield

May 6, 2023

Having a generic email can hurt your business more than you think.

We've all been using one free email provider or another since our first days on the internet. While there is nothing wrong with Gmail, or Yahoo, or any other free email provider, when you start a business, people except you to have a professional business email. It gives you more credibility in the minds of consumers. It lets them know you are serious about your business. 

   I know it can be difficult when you're first starting out on a venture. Especially if you're a novice. And operating costs can be a big factor for any business. But a business email is not only worth the investment, it can also be obtained fairly cheap.

While it's true that a business email must be tied to a website, you don't necessarily need an extravagant site. You can have a simple one page site, with just your business name and address, and a simple paragraph about what your business does. A lot of people think that it is too expensive to get a website and a business email. This is simply not true. You can get a domain name for as little as 7 to 15 dollars a year. And a business email account for as little as one dollar a month. Yes! One dollar a month. 

 And when you pair that with a free website builder, Having a business email is not only affordable, it could cost you more in the long run, not to have one. The link below will take you to our recommended email host. It is the same email host we use for our business.

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