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   We are not a bank nor a lending company. We work with several direct lenders. Which makes it easier for us to find the best loan for your specific situation.

   Every borrower is unique. just as each loan company has their own criteria. We take into account your specific wants and needs, and refer you to the lender that is most suited to your goals, with the highest chance of loan approval. Saving you time and effort.

   After you fill out our questionaire, you will be contacted by a representative of Wrenfield Finance, to go over the finer points of your circumstances.

   Once your situation is fully understood, you will be refered to one of our lending partners. And the loan process will begin. 

   Once your loan is finalized we will recieve a commission. Sometimes the commission is paid by the lender, sometimes it is paid by the borrower.

   If the borrower is to pay the commission, that will be disclosed upfront. Before any finalization of the loan. 

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