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Your business name here.

This is a brief description of what your business does. Your company's main focus.

Your business name here.

This will be a more focused and detailed description of your products or services.
Feel free to make it as detailed and elaborate as you please.

If your business or Entrepreneurial skills are listed in the showcase, we will simply copy and paste the information you sent to us in the application form.

In order to be listed in the Community Showcase, you must be a site member of Wrenfield You do not need to be a customer.

Being listed on the Community Showcase page is a great way to get seen by other page members.
It also places your business in our weekly newsletter. Giving you exposure to all types of individuals and companies.

Community Showcase articles will be switched out monthly. There is no limit to how many times you can be listed in the showcase. However, in the event of high demand, we will feature companies and individuals that have not been previously listed.

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